Vishram Ghat, Mathura by Rohit Kumar

Vishram Ghat, the main ghat amongst 25 ghats on the banks of river, Yamuna. Indian mythology believes Lord Krishna rested here after killing The King Kansa.

One amidst my favourite place that I like to visit in winters.  Mathura has grown to become a part of my life each year. I enjoy the calmness at the chaotic ghat with cows & humans alike.

                        That’s what we photographer’s seek, an opportunity to capture.

As the morning rays set on ghat, One sees multiple rituals being performed believed to bring prosperity. Mundan - Some believe it rids the past life’s negativities and for some it cleanses the body & soul. .

The one ritual being followed irrespective of religion, cast or creed is food. At Vishram Ghat its Street Food. Narrow street leading to Vishram Ghat start from HOLI GATE is full of street food, paan (betel leaf) & chai shops. Also a must to have in early morning is Kachaudi from Uma Pahalwan. Just can’t stop at one. Chaat shops open in evening’s. The “chaat” is delectable, especially the “Cheela”, spicy but worth every bite of it.

Evening Aarti view is best enjoyed from the boat. As the cacophony of aarti closes, the gaze moves towards the river. One cant help but get absorbed in the stillness of water.

                                                            That’s an evening done right !

On way back in a shared auto ride. I spoke about population chaos in the city, to which my local fellow passenger said “ Sab Thakur ji ki kirpa hai” ( it’s all god’s blessings).

                                    Seems like faith can bring serenity anywhere.

                       That’s “Vishram Ghat”for you. So rest up while at Vishram Ghat, Mathura.